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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Company always acknowledges its responsibilities for the well being of the society and takes part in such activities whenever it becomes necessary. It is a continuous effort to make a difference to the society at large. Our social responsibility extends from our employee to customers and the community in which we operate. The Company as a part of its Corporate Social Responsibility, contributes Tk. 1.00 (one lac) and 20,000 (twenty thousand) only toward Insurance Devolopement & Reguletory Authority (IDRA) and Bangladesh Insurance Association Fund as a contribution for the Victims of fire. The Company also contributes blankets through Insurance Devolopement & Reguletory Authority (IDRA) Fund as a contribution for the victims suffering from cold. Contribution in CSR program is always supported and encouraged by the Board of Directors of the Company. Our CSR includes our customer, employees, shareholders, business partners, and the society as a whole.


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Monday   04th  December, 2023